Partner Policies & Guidelines

Updated 08/01/2021

It's important that you follow the partner policies and guidelines if you are part of Best Little Sites's . This includes Best Little Sites Community Guidelines, Terms of Service, Copyright Policies and Trademark Policies.

Because our reviewers aren't able to check every piece of content that is posted through our platform, they will typically review content that best represents your content and account. Things such as:

  • Overall theme of your content
  • Popular content
  • Your most recent content
  • Content metadata, including titles, thumbnails, descriptions/summaries, etc.
  • etc.

For your account to qualify and be a part of the you must do the following:

  1. Follow the Best Little Sites Community Guidelines
  2. Agree and be familiar with Best Little Sites ToS (Terms of Service)
  3. Post a minimum of 10 new peices of content each month
  4. Meet or exceed the content & quality guidelines
  5. No more than 3 Copyright/DMCA Takdwon Requests in the last 90 days

Revenue and Monetization Policies

You are required to follow Best Little Sites's policies if you earn money on Best Little Sites. Violation of any of the policies may result in Best Little Sites taking the actions listed below:

  • Removal or deletion of your content
  • Disable, Suspend or terminate your participation in the Best Little Sites
  • Disable, Suspend or terminate your Best Little Sites account
  • Withholding of Outstanding Earnings
    • Applicable to earnings from content that is in violation
    • In the event of recurring violations, all outstanding earnings can be withheld

We will inform you in writing by email, or online through the platform/service, when policies are enforced, as well as what, if any, options are available to you at that time.

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