About Best Little Sites

The Best Little Sites Network began in 2003 during the infancy of Hollywood's interest in adapting movies from comic books and graphic novels with the launch of ComicBookMovie.com and other superhero related properties. CBM quickly become one of the top online destination for information about the genre and currently boasts millions of monthly visitors. It also includes one of the most active and passionate communities in the genre.

The network currently consists of eight different sites that cover a wide range of topics and niches. Everything from Japanese anime and manga, to professional wrestling, and even sci-fi and fantasy!

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About Our User-Generated Content Model

In 2008 the network opened up its sites to user-generated content from its large community of knowledgable and passionate users. Visitors of the sites can contribute directly to the content that's shared with the users through their own unique reporting and content creation. Contributors agree to our Terms of Service, Community Guidelines, Copyright Policies and Trademark Policies.

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Owner & Creator

Nate Best - Creator & Owner Nathan Best

Nate began creating the "Best Little Sites" network of websites beginning in 2003. This includes designing and developing all of the websites from scratch. Each of which has been created to target different genres and niches that he himself is a fan of.

His love of comics has found a presence on the web in ComicBookMovie.com and was one of the first sites in the network. It blew up, doubling in size year after year. In 2008 he completely redesigned the frontend and backend, which made it possible for any user who registered to post content. He has been updating, overhauling, redesigning and optimizing the platform ever since.

When not on the computer, Nate enjoys working out, playing games, reading, movies (especially superhero movies) and spending time with his family.